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McKesson Cardiology™ CVIS Features

  • The integration of reports, images, waveforms and measurements into the patient's complete cardiac electronic medical record
  • A single point of access to the current and historical cardiac images and information, including hemodynamic and ECG data
  • Customizable reporting tools for the cath and electrophysiology labs, echo and vascular departments, nuclear cardiology department and ECG department make it possible for users to quickly document and analyze care practices
  • Workstation-quality web access to procedures and report completion capabilities enabling users to carry out a variety of clinical care tasks from remote locations
  • The ability for McKesson Cardiology to be launched from within the McKesson Radiology environment creating a true Enterprise Imaging solution

Featured McKesson Cardiology™ Products

McKesson Cardiology™

The CVIS That Meets All Your Cardiac Department Needs

The McKesson Cardiology™ single database design provides the entire care team with access to the complete cardiovascular electronic medical record (EMR) – images, reports, waveforms, all with integrated charge and inventory management – whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Organizations want to improve quality of care, boost efficiencies and reduce costs while increasing physician and staff satisfaction. The infrastructure of the McKesson Cardiology cardiovascular information solution (CVIS) helps to accomplish these benefits by supporting the parallel workflows common within cardiac and peripheral catheterization, hemodynamics monitoring, electrophysiology, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, nuclear cardiology and ECG/stress/holter management.

McKesson Cardiology™ Echo and Vascular Ultrasound

Streamline Your Ultrasound Workflows

McKesson Cardiology™ Echo and Vascular Ultrasound streamlines sonographer and physician throughput while helping to improve patient care. McKesson Cardiology™ supports ultrasound exams for echocardiography, fetal, congenital (pediatric through adult), stress and vascular. To boost staff efficiency, the ultrasound solution automatically imports measurements via DICOM Structured Reporting (SR). In addition, the reports can highlight abnormal measurements on the reporting screen, and can automatically generate report sentences based upon measurements. The system reduces report creation time by providing report templates with pre-defined sentences for different clinical conditions. For congenital and fetal echo exams, McKesson Cardiology offers Z-score analysis of measurements based upon either the Children's Hospital of Michigan1 or Children's Hospital of Boston datasets. The indices of the Z-score datasets for pediatric patients are based upon BSA and for fetal patients are based upon gestational age.

Integrated Cath Lab

Create a Truly Integrated Cath Lab

The McKesson Cardiology™ Cath solution is a patient-centric cardiac imaging and information management system for catheterization labs. The integrated cath lab solution allows your hospital to manage the complete periprocedural workflow of the cath and EP environments.

Its unique single platform design consolidates data from multiple sources to eliminate redundant data entry and provide a complete cardiovascular electronic medical record (EMR) including images, reports, waveforms, along with integrated charge capture and inventory management. The design helps to provide improved efficiency, reduce potential errors and improve charge capture for both technical and professional services.


Eliminate the Silos of Data in your EP Lab

The McKesson Cardiology™ EP solution is a comprehensive workflow, reporting and data management solution for diagnostic, ablation and implant needs in the electrophysiology lab. Designed to integrate the EP lab with the cardiovascular electronic medical record, data is aggregated from multiple points of care eliminating the silos of data in the EP lab. McKesson Cardiology EP provides access to all this data in one location, avoiding redundancy and duplication.

Built upon the single database solution of McKesson Cardiology™ CVIS, data entered in the holding area and EP lab automatically populates to the procedure log and reports (both physician and administrative).The result is that the physician requires only a few button clicks to review, edit and finalize their report. In addition, multimodality images such as fluoroscopy and intracardiac echo can be captured and annotated to provide documentation when reporting lead placement, waveforms and more.

Hemo with Integrated FFR

The Hemo solution designed around the parallel workflows in your invasive lab

The McKesson Cardiology™ Hemo solution is a comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring and information management application for cardiac, peripheral and EP procedures. Patient demographics, medication information, hemodynamic waveforms, fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurements, images and procedural information all flow seamlessly into one complete patient record. The result - repetitive data entry is eliminated and information is intuitively accessible from any location.

Cath lab professionals provided their expert perspective to design the system. The result is a solution that offers an intuitive interface that is simple to use and addresses the most pressing and previously unresolved challenges.

Integration of Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) measurements into the McKesson Hemodynamic monitoring system enables the acquisition of the FFR sample and relevant clinical documentation. The FFR pressure wire connects to the existing Hemo hardware via a compact and low-cost interface device, eliminating the need for extra instrumentation. The FFR pressure snapshot is saved together with the FFR result and becomes an integral part of the patient's record.

McKesson Cardiology Hemo is available as a stand-alone application, or integrated into McKesson Cardiology™ cardiovascular information solution (CVIS).

ECG Management

Web-based reporting of rest, stress, and holter ECGs

Designed to provide anytime, anywhere access McKesson Cardiology™ ECG Management is a web-based system that provides a comprehensive solution for 12- or 15-lead rest, stress and holter ECGs. These ECGs are received from a multi-vendor list of carts, patient bedside monitors, stress machines and holter analysis stations. The system provides you the opportunity to continue with the cart based interpretations, or produce clinical diagnosis statements and measurements in addition to the cart diagnosis. Smart workflow tools streamline the administration and clinical over-reading of ECGs while automatically distributing results across the enterprise.

When importing XML files from supported modalities, the stress interface supports out-of-the box mapping of protocol data such as stress type, termination reason and date of study. The patient's standing heart rate, blood pressure, stress mets and other discrete elements are mapped into the report field for rapid report generation.


Nuclear reporting made accessible to your physicians

McKesson Cardiology™ Nuclear is designed to simplify the cardiology workflow in the nuclear imaging department and make reporting easy and accessible for the physician. Nuclear departments are being asked to do more with less, or at least more with what is already in place. By integrating industry leading software solutions such as Emory Cardiac Toolbox™1, Cedars-Sinai®2 Cardiac Suite or Corridor 4DM™3 you can create a workflow that works with you instead of against you. Integrating nuclear cardiology into the single database McKesson Cardiology CVIS brings the patient's entire cardiology medical record together to improve patient care, boost efficiencies and reduce costs while increasing physician and staff satisfaction.

To allow physicians to perform their work when and where it is convenient for them, McKesson Cardiology provides Web enabled image and reporting capabilities, as well as dedicated workstations with advanced post-processing tools. To aid the physician in quickly building an Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Laboratories (ICANL) compliant report, the nuclear module provides auto-population of calculated parameters from Syntermed's Emory Cardiac Toolbox into the report. Once finalized, the report is automatically distributed to the referring physician office and to the hospital medical record. To ensure accurate and timely billing, the single database design of McKesson Cardiology allows the data entered in to the procedural report to be automatically extracted via McKesson Cardiology Charge Manager and communicated to the hospital and physician billing staff.